Life with Amal


Amal Ltd is a company with a privileged legacy in terms of both business and people, and it lays emphasis on 5 key Values, namely, Integrity, Excellence, Responsibility, Understanding and Unity. The Company believes that there is a unique synergy between business objectives and its Values.

  • Integrity: Means having consistency in thinking, speaking and doing in addition to financial integrity
  • Excellence: Means doing work in the best possible way and looking for continuous improvements even in what may generally be perceived as ‘routine’
  • Responsibility: Means working for all the Stakeholders, be they Customers, Employees, Communities or Shareholders and taking ownership of actions
  • Understanding: Means treating everyone, within or outside, with dignity and embracingand adapting to diversity
  • Unity: Means realizing thatinterdependence is a higher order of living than independence and that collective working will bring better performance

Thus, the people of Amal on the one hand have the onerous responsibility to attain business objectives which combine dynamism of one of the largest and the most integrated chemical companies of its kind in the world and on the other ensure that Values guide their judgments, decisions and actions every day.

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